Who We Serve

We provide technology solutions and services
for businesses in the following areas.


Warehouse facilities require high levels of security, managed access control systems, and innovative technologies designed to keep processes running.


Empower effective communications and streamlined processes with technology systems designed to secure and benefit industrial facilities.


We work with cannabis businesses to implement cutting-edge, compliance-minded systems that empower full product visibility and seed-to-sale tracking.

What Technology Solution Do You Need?

We offer comprehensive and dependable services in the following areas.

Low Voltage Installation

Get efficient and intelligent low voltage installation to ensure function the way your business needs them to.

IT Network Solutions

Too many IT networks are plagued with recurring issues. We design, implement, and maintain IT networks that just work.

Security Systems

Inadequate security systems expose businesses to risk. We design and install systems that fit your location and give you peace of mind.

Building Access Systems

Lost keys, complicated traffic schedules, and lack of awareness can make access control hard. We design and implement systems that just work.

Managed IT+ Services

Don’t leave your IT systems to chance. With Managed IT+ Services, every node on the network is covered for one affordable price.

Phone (VoIP) Solutions

Disparate or slow phone systems can drag business efficiency. We upgrade and install phone systems that unlock productivity.

Surveillance Cameras

Buildings with limited visibility or industry vulnerabilities need protection. We implement surveillance cameras that keep your business safe.

Audio / Video Systems

Don’t get left behind with old tech or stuck with a system that’s too difficult to use. We create dazzling AV systems that bring your space to life.

Why Medlin?

Unify your systems with one provider.

Too often, building systems involve many providers, choices, and moving parts. It leads to ongoing stress and sheer panic when things break. Our process makes it simple: we integrate and manage your building’s systems, so you have peace of mind.

The buck stops here. We get the job done right.

We’ve made systems simple for these businesses.

We offer trusted technology from leading providers.

That’s why we bring together the best products from Netgear, Sonicwall, Cisco and more. These brands have proven track records of success. With Medlin’s expertise, they can be implemented to create the perfect setting where all kinds of IP communications equipment can connect seamlessly.

Ready to get the job done right?

From network expansion, office moves, security concerns, or AV needs, Medlin is your partner to make sure the job is taken care of.

Get in touch with your technology systems needs today.